How to recognize Prince Harry

The new reality TV show I Wanna Marry Harry is about 12 American women who compete for the love of "an average English 'bloke'" they believe to be Prince Harry. This bloke also reportedly tricked some people in Tennessee into thinking he was the visiting prince.

Clearly this is becoming a problem for people in the U.S. But never fear; the next time you encounter a dashing polo player or naked billiard player who seems suspiciously royal, you can use this handy questionnaire to determine whether he is Prince Harry.

1. Is he wearing a Nazi uniform?
If your answer is YES, then he is not Prince Harry. Shame on you. Harry learned his lesson and has moved on. Why can't you?

OK, that's out of the way. Continue to the next question.

2. Is he insanely attractive?
If your answer is YES: He is probably Prince Harry!

But don't order your Alexander McQueen wedding dress just yet. It's possible that you have been blinded by your desire to be a princess your respect for the institution of the monarchy. To determine whether he is really Prince Harry, proceed to the next question…

3. Does he have a British accent?
If your answer is YES: He very definitely is probably Prince Harry. The odds are 50/50 because, after all, he might be Prince William.

Fortunately, there is one sure-fire way to tell William and Harry apart…

4. Does he have red hair?
If your answer is YES: He probably is NOT Prince Harry. Surprisingly, studies have shown that most people with red hair are not Prince Harry.

But don't give up hope. You have one question left…

5. Is he red-haired and wearing a Rastafarian wig?

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